Welcome to Friendschool!

Friendschool is a one-of-a-kind online program for kiddos ages 4-7. We provide a safe space for children to make and grow long-lasting friendships while enriching their love for God, His word and nature.

Is your child ready to dive into reading or explore the world of math? Our program is highly customizable!

Aside from meeting virtuality twice a week to explore exciting thematic units together, enrolled families can visit The Happy Learner’s Hub to select prerecorded classes and materials that suit their child’s interest and abilities. Academic topics can be explored individually and can be tailored to each individual student.

It’s a good day to be great friends!

Teacher Ketita teaches all live classes in Spanish AND English! Students in Spanish-speaking countries who attend Friendschool learn English. In the same way, non-Spanish speakers learn to speak and sing in Spanish.

Come experience an extraordinary learning atmosphere where character development and object lessons that are rooted in the word of God are priority.

Whether you homeschool, worldschool, or unschool, if you long for wholesome relationships in your child's learning journey, Friendschool is for you!

If you are considering home learning for your preschooler, kindergartener, first or second-grader, team up with us to keep everything exciting and stress-free for your family. See what this happy parent has to say about our program here!

Those who are local to the Inland Empire in Southern California can join us each month as we close out our rich thematic units with in-person family outings!

Families who do not live within proximity to our organized outings are encouraged to connect with other families and explore locations of their own.

Friendschool provides ideas and printable materials to enrich these excursions regardless of where families live!

Here you can see just a few of the outings Friendschoolers have experienced together.

Hello, I'm Teacher Ketita!

I am a certified educator with 15 years of teaching experience who has fallen in love with the world of home learning. I believe that every parent can become their child's best teacher and set him on God’s schedule as they learn and grow.

Homeschooling my own children has allowed me to see first hand that learning happens everywhere, especially when you are having fun. I’ve also learned that the best early learning happens at home and at the child’s pace. Now I am on a mission to equip and strengthen families who, like me, want a front row seat to their child's learning journey.

Allow me to be your family's personal guide and support as I cheer you on and provide you with quality learning resources and experiences.

This year, strengthen your family’s bond, spiritual and social growth, and savor the early years of childhood with Friendschool.

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Join the Adventure

Join us in time for our Desert Biome unit study this March!

Friendschool Program

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45 - 60min Live Classes 10am PST

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, teacher Ketita leads Friendschoolers in a fun and dynamic inquiry-based lesson. After greeting each student, the week's character quality and scripture verse are reviewed. The thematic unit is then introduced by engaging students in high-level questions that lead them into a deep exploration of the given subject. The lesson extends into story time, games and share time before closing class in song.

Learning Extensions &

On-demand Videos

Friendschool members have all inclusive access to The Happy Learner's Hub. Here, families can access crafts, nature walk ideas, and story book titles that align with the week's thematic unit. A weekly newsletter and monthly Fun Friday Mission Cards are also available as learning extensions.

Families can also access pre-recorded math and literacy lessons to watch at any time they choose.

Monthly Nature Adventures

Every month, Friendschoolers get to explore the great outdoors together!

Pack a water bottle and a good-sized snack, and don't forget a change of clothes too because there's no telling how much fun will "show" up in your child's clothes.

Families who cannot meet teacher Ketita in person are encouraged to use the nature walk ideas provided in the Happy Learner's Hub and go on outdoor adventures with local friends.

Two Options

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Limited Space!

Friendschool Live Online

A Mix of Live and on Demand Classes

  • 2 Live Classes

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 - 11:45am PST

  • Exclusive access to the Happy Learner's Hub
  • Digital library subscription at getepic.com
  • Access to FREE Bonuses:
    • T-shirt
    • Fun Friday Mission Cards and more!

$90 Registration


Friendschool On-Demand

On Demand (Watch any time)

  • 2 Prerecorded Thematic Unit Classes

  • Unlimited access to Numeracy On-demand Lessons

  • Unlimited access to Literacy On-demand Lessons

$45 Registration


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Live Classes & Nature Themes

Using the Sonlight Eduation Ministries Bible curriculum, Friendschool emphasizes Bible, Character Development, Nature, and Practical Work as the most important subjects taught to a child in his first years of learning. These subjects are weaved all throughout the thematic units that children get to explore during live online lessons with teacher Ketita.

The NEW nature themes for the 2023-2024 center around God's beautiful earth habitats. In September, Friendschoolers share all about themselves, their peers, and the amazing human body. Following the "All About Me" unit, learners will explore the animals, foods, plants, and people of each one of earth's major habitats.

Quarter 1

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September - All About Me

October: Freshwater

November: Forests

March : Deserts

April: Grasslands

May: Mountains

December: Ocean

January: Polar/Tundra

February: Tropical Rain Forests

Quarter 2

Quarter 3


and the Animals • Foods • Plants • and People we find there!

Quarter 1

September - November

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September: Home

Watercolor pond



November: Forests

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Quarter 2

December - February


Polar/ Tundra

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Watercolor sea clipart. Ocean view.





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Quarter 3

March - May

March: Deserts

Landscape Desert
A Grass Field Under a Blue Sky



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Parent Testimonials

Let’s Chat

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Number Gym

Available with Frienschool Membership

Choose from a variety of pre-recorded Math classes in the Happy Learner's Hub.

You'll rest easy at night, knowing your child has access to the best math resources and the best self-paced delivery via Friendschool's pre-recorded lessons. Teacher Ketita keeps lessons succinct, upbeat, and enjoyable for all leaners.

Bible Stories

Available with Frienschool Membership

Family Bible Lesson are read aloud by teacher Ketita. Families who choose to incorporate this audio story into their weekly routine are encouraged to play the audio stories every Monday as these introduce the character trait and scripture verse for the week.

Fun Friday

Available with Frienschool Membership

Make Fridays at home feel like a brand new adventure with Teacher Ketita's Nature Adventures and Fun Friday Mission cards! Once a month, Friendschoolers meet in person to explore the great outdoors or adventure at home by moving through fun and interactive tasks to complete their day's mission. Each mission aligns to the month's thematic unit and consists of simple items that you are likely to find in your home already.


Available with Frienschool Membership

Teacher Ketita has invested countless hours searching for Literacy-rich activities and resources that Friendschoolers can access. While various curriculums and resources out there unintentionally form learning gaps in children, the chosen curriculums, lessons and resources in the Happy Learner's Hub are of highest quality. Explore the pre-recorded lessons that best suit your child and enjoy the journey!

Nature Treasures

Available with Frienschool Membership

Friendschool families are given a weekly newsletter in which nature walk activities are suggested. Teacher Ketita encourages families to collect nature treasures along the way and display them somewhere at home to become a conversation piece or keepsake.

Outdoor SPANISH Day Camp